Welcome to the best list of recipes this side of the Cascades.

Compiled after countless hours of homebrew testing and perfecting, these recipes combined with The Brew Shop’s ingredients are sure to become a seasonal favorite. Start with our brewing instructions for a good overview of the basic brewing process.So, download, print and give it a try.
Partial Mash Recipes

Yellow Moon IPA

A tasty medium bodied IPA that is mildly malty with a crisp hop finish.

Summit Pale Ale

A delightful medium bodied ale flavored with Cascade hops and light caramel malt.

Scottish Amber Ale

A Great Malty Amber Ale with a light hop finish.

Lunar Eclispe Red
Lava Brown Ale
Wunderbah Hefeweizen

A delightful true German Wheat beer flavored with blended malt extract and noble hops.

Czech Style Light Lager

A delightfully light bodied flavored with Saaz hops.

Black Rose Porter

A rich, malty, classic English Porter.

10 Pound Stout

Name says it all.

Bitter Brush ESB

A tasty medium-bodied ESB with a mild malt and crisp hop bitter and aroma.

All Grain Recipes

The Mad Piper-All Grain – Strong Scotch Ale
Summer Sun Kolsch
Newport Porter
Kristen’s Summer Ale II
Flat Tail Ale II
El Matador Cervesa
El Jeffe Heffe
Desert Rat Red
Civil War IPA
Cape Town Dark Brown